A telephone directory (also called a telephone book and phone book) is a listing of telephone subscribers in a geographical area or subscribers to services provided by the organization that publishes the directory.

How to Dial the Code

If you are calling a Landline from outside India dial India code 91 and then city code 821. Example to call 2454647 from outside India you have to dial +91-821-2454647
    If you want to call a cell number from outisde India just add 91. Example - If you want to call 9242445627 you need to dial 91-9242445627 To dial a landline from outside Mysore or from your cell phone you need to dial 0821-followed by the number. Example 0821-2454647
    To dial a cellphone number which doesn't belong to the same state as your Mobile you must add 0 before the number.

Important Phone Numbers (0821)
   Mysore City Corporation    2473923 and 2443471
   Mayor    2422903
   Dy Mayor    2423803
   Commissioner    2523703
   Complaints    2520153
   Milk Dairy Public Relations    2473923
   Railway Arrival / Desparture Timings    139
   Mysore Railway Station    2521751
   Enquiry - cum - Reservation    131
   Enquiry    133
   Parcel Office    2521653
   Main Bus Stand    2520853
   City Bus Stand    2425819
   City Central Library    223678
   Postal Enquires    2442165
   Speed Post    2521772
   Head Post Office Mahavir Circle Asoka Road    2521618
   Central Telegraph Office New Sayyaji Rao, Rd    223785
   Local Directory Enquiry    197